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Autism strategy

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A national plan covering all of England that explains what the Government is doing to make sure that adults with autism get the help they need with things such as living independently and finding employment. The autism strategy tells local councils and health services what they should do to help support autistic adults. Many councils have their own autism strategy setting out what they will do to improve the lives of autistic adults in their area.

Other resources
Department of Health and Social Care; Department for Education
Department of Health and Social Care

Policy paper: National strategy for autistic children, young people and adults: 2021 to 2026 The government's national strategy for improving the lives of autistic people and their families and carers in England, and implementation plan for 2021 to 2022.

From: Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education
Published 21 July 2021
Last updated 22 July 2021

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