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Adult Social Care Glossary, v 0.41

Care home

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NICE Guideline NG48 - Oral health for adults in care homes

This covers 24-hour accommodation with either non-nursing care (for example, a residential home) or nursing care.

NICE Guideline NG189 - Safeguarding adults in care homes

Residential care homes (with or without nursing care) that are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Plain English definition
Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) Jargon Buster

A home that you live in with other people, with staff providing care and support. The home provides you with your own room, meals and personal care. Some care homes - but not all - also employ registered nurses to provide nursing care. Care homes may be privately owned or may be run by a charity or a local council. They are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Source: Stakeholder discussions

Extra care, supported living, assisted living, care home, nursing home, residential care, sheltered housing - multiple terms which may or may not mean similar things.

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