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Adult Social Care Glossary, v 0.41

Commissioning and service delivery

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Data descriptor
ASC Collections Data Dictionary (Beta v1.3)
NHS Digital

any expenditure on functions that support the delivery of the adult social care areas described in measures FR001 - FR004. The expenditure for this measure relates to: Commissioning or commissioning-related items: - Strategic Business Direction (e.g. Needs Analysis, Policy or Strategic development) - Business Planning (including Business Development, Performance and Budget planning and monitoring) - Commissioning and De-commissioning functions - Commissioning, Procurement and Management (including Market Management, Contract Procurement and Provider Monitoring) - Communications and PPE - Governance & Support - (Admin, Finance, IT & Information Management, Legal, non-front line Quality Assurance, Audit and Risk Management) - Responding to Complaints and Complaint Management. Infrastructure: - Building and premises management - IT.

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