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Coronavirus Act 2020

UK legislation
Coronavirus Act 2020

An Act to make provision in connection with coronavirus; and for connected purposes. Act (except for specified provisions) expires at the end of 2 years beginning with the date of Royal Assent, see s. 89 (subject to s. 90); and a relevant national authority may by regulations suspend (and subsequently revive) the operation of any provision of this Act (except for those provisions listed in s. 88(6)), see s. 88.

Plain English definition
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Think Local Act Personal

An emergency law passed by Parliament in March 2020 that gives the Government new powers to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Areas covered by the new law include social care, the NHS, schools, police, local councils, courts and funerals. The Act is in place for two years.

Coronavirus Act 2020

A link is provided to the Coronavirus Act 2020 (2020 c. 7). In total the following legislation has been enacted relating to Coronavirus:
- UK Statutory Instruments (450)
- Northern Ireland Statutory Rules (293)
- Scottish Statutory Instruments (253)
- Wales Statutory Instruments (216)
- Acts of the Scottish Parliament (7)
- UK Public General Acts (3)
- Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly (2)
- Acts of Senedd Cymru (1)

Legislation by Year
- 2023 (3)
- 2022 (104)
- 2021 (475)
- 2020 (643)

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