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Adult Social Care Glossary, v 0.41


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Skills for Care: Digital technology in social care

The term used to describe the adoption and use of technology to support the secure and effective delivery of services across the care sector. Digital can include technology and computer systems and encompasses a variety of subjects including use of the internet, technology enabled care, social media, digital care applications, consumer or mainstream technology, cybersecurity, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Definition (in a digital/TEC context)
Tunstall in-house glossary

Electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data. It contrasts with analogue.

Definition (in a digital/TEC context)
Digital Social Care (

A term used to describe a device using computer technology to replace older, analogue methods.

Source: Stakeholder discussions

Definition of 'Digital' can sometimes include telephony; this can be extremely important if it includes people who would otherwise be digitally excluded. Need to distinguish between digital tools which facilitate human interaction (eg Zoom) and digital tools which facilitate non-human interaction (eg a wellness app).

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