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Digital leadership

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Skills for Care: Digital technology in social care
Skills for Care

Where people take the lead in their organisation to drive the adoption and use of technology, alongside the development of their workforce's digital skills to better deliver care services, as well as wider business and management activities. Within social care, this is sometimes those who have a designated role as a leader, in other cases this can be someone who leads in this area without a formal role as a leader. Digital leaders in social care are creative, innovative people with strong networking and collaboration skills, who can persuade, mobilise and lead social care staff and others to share their vision and lead the journey to realising the wider use and benefits of digital technology. They require a range of skills and capabilities to allow them to effectively lead their organisation, guiding its workforce through the adoption of new technology and new ways of working, enabling the organisation to embed technology to remain effective, efficient, resilient and competitive within the adult social care sector.

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