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Education, Health & Care Plan


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A legal document for a child or young person up to the age of 25 if they have a disability or special educational needs (SEN). It describes the child or young person's particular educational, health and social needs, and sets out the support and extra help they should have to meet those needs, and how this will support them to achieve what they want in their life. EHC plans replaced SEN statements on 1 September 2014. Children who currently have a SEN statement are being gradually transferred to a EHC plan. EHC plans are developed by the child or young person's local council, which is responsible for carrying out an education, health and care needs assessment and deciding whether a EHC plan is needed.

Source: SNOMED review

This acroynm can stand for Education, Health, Care Plan (children with additional needs) or Emergency Health Care Plan (Health plan)

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