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Extra care

Care Quality Commission

These services cover many different arrangements. Usually, they consist of purpose built accommodation in which varying amounts of care and support can be offered, and where some services and facilities are shared.

The care that people receive is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, but the accommodation is not.

NE Lincolnshire Council: Social Care Handbook
Focus Adult Social Work

Extra care housing is housing designed with the needs of frailer older people in mind; varying levels of care and support are available on site.

Digital/TEC definition
Tunstall in-house glossary

A block of self-contained flats with a population generally above 55 years old. The building has care staff and housing management staff. Care is provided to the residents in their property.

Plain English definition
Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) Jargon Buster
Think Local Act Personal

Similar to sheltered housing, but with additional care and support available for people with illnesses or disabilities who wish to have a home of their own. Extra-care housing may be an option if living alone at home is difficult, but you do not wish to opt for residential care. It allows you to have your own home, either rented or bought, with personal care and domestic help readily available.

Source: Stakeholder discussions

Extra care, supported living, assisted living, care home, nursing home, residential care, sheltered housing - multiple terms which may or may not mean similar things. (Stakeholders)

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