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Financial abuse

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Material abuse; Financial or material abuse

Child of


Definition or reference in primary legislation
Care Act 2014, S.42

(3) 'Abuse' includes financial abuse; and for that purpose 'financial abuse' includes--
(a)having money or other property stolen,
(b)being defrauded,
(c)being put under pressure in relation to money or other property, and
(d)having money or other property misused.

Definition or reference in Statutory Guidance
Care and Support Statutory Guidance, chapter 14

Care and Support Statutory Guidance 14.17
Financial or material abuse including:
- theft
- fraud
- internet scamming
- coercion in relation to an adult's financial affairs or arrangements, including in connection with wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions
- the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits

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