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Adult Social Care Glossary, v 0.41


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Digitising Social Care Glossary, v0.0.3

A Hospice is an ORGANISATION. A Hospice: provides a range of SERVICES for conditions where curative treatment is no longer an option, and people are approaching the end of their life provides care, treatment and support for people and their families and carers, including respite care for people who live with friends or family at home will generally employ or work with a broad range of health and social CARE PROFESSIONALS to meet the needs of people using the SERVICE. Care, treatment and support can be provided in accommodation or in the community. It can be long or short-term care, on an inpatient basis or provided through day care, day therapy or outreach services. Examples of Hospices include: Adult Hospice Children's Hospice Day Hospice End of life care teams Hospice at home. For further information on Hospices, see the NHS website at: Finding a Hospice.

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