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Implied consent

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CQC Glossary of terms used in the guidance for providers and managers

A form of consent that is not expressly granted by a person, but rather inferred from a person's actions and the facts and circumstances of a particular situation (or in some cases, by a person's silence or inaction). The assumed agreement is that the person would approve a course of action if asked in a given situation, but is not presently able to be asked.

Plain English definition
Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) Jargon Buster

When you are not specifically asked if you agree to something being done to you, but you behave as if you understand and agree. For example, putting your arm out when a nurse or doctor comes to take a blood sample suggests 'implied consent' on your part. Implied consent also applies if you are unconscious in an emergency. Medical staff may assume that you would agree to treatment if it is necessary to save your life.

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