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Medical device

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Digitising Social Care Glossary, v0.0.3
Digitising Social Care

Details about any medical device used by the person that isn't prescribed.

CQC Glossary of terms used in the guidance for providers and managers
Care Quality Commission

Any instrument, apparatus, appliance, material or other article (whether used alone or in combination), including the software necessary to use it properly, intended by the manufacturer to be used for people for the purpose of: - Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease. - Diagnosis, monitoring, alleviation of or compensation for any injury or disability. - Investigation, replacement or modification of the anatomy or of a physiological process. - Control of conception. This also includes devices intended to administer a medicinal product.

Plain English definition
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An object - not a drug - that is used to diagnose, prevent or treat illness or look after your health. There are many kinds of medical device, from the simple to the highly complex. A thermometer, an implant, an artificial limb and a wheelchair are all examples of medical devices.

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