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Physical abuse

Definition or reference in Statutory Guidance
Care and Support Statutory Guidance, chapter 14
Department of Health and Social Care

Care and Support Statutory Guidance 14.17 Physical abuse including: - assault - hitting - slapping - pushing - misuse of medication - restraint - inappropriate physical sanctions

Data descriptor
ASC Collections Data Dictionary (Beta v1.3)
NHS Digital

Includes hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, misuse of medication, restraint or inappropriate sanctions.

Social Care Institute for Excellence

Types of physical abuse Assault, hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, hair-pulling, biting, pushing Rough handling Scalding and burning Physical punishments Inappropriate or unlawful use of restraint Making someone purposefully uncomfortable (e.g. opening a window and removing blankets) Involuntary isolation or confinement Misuse of medication (e.g. over-sedation) Forcible feeding or withholding food Unauthorised restraint, restricting movement (e.g. tying someone to a chair)

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