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Risk identification and assessment

NICE Guideline PH50 - Domestic violence and abuse: multi-agency working
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

This process is undertaken with people who have disclosed that they are the victims of domestic violence and abuse. The aim is to evaluate their risk of further harm. Practitioners with level 2 training assess their immediate safety, for example, whether it is safe for the person to go home. Practitioners with level 3 training identify the risks faced in more detail to inform safety planning, referrals to specialist support services and to aid any police investigation. Almost all police forces in England and Wales use the DASH (domestic abuse, stalking and harassment and 'honour'-based violence) risk identification tool and guidance. A multi-sectoral version, CAADA-DASH, is used by independent domestic violence advisers, some domestic violence advocates and support workers, other specialist domestic abuse services and some health and social care practitioners.

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