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Developing an Adult Social Care terminology product
Project activity: June/July 2022

In the current discovery phase of the project, we are seeking to:

  • Clarify the specific need for a terminology product - the scenarios where terminology currently causes problems

  • Develop the priority use cases for the product and some design principles for its development

  • Investigate how language is currently used day-to-day by health and social care professionals, and of course by the people receiving care and their friends, family and informal carers

  • Better understand the blockers which might prevent a common terminology from being used

What we need from you

We are currently running an online survey to gather views and experiences about some of the above. We'd encourage you to complete the survey and circulate it to others.

We're also asking local authorities for more detailed information about the language that is used in their systems and records:

  • in the way that assessment outcomes are recorded, and

  • in the wording of Care Package Line Items

Where possible, we'd like to have a more in-depth conversation with any or stakeholders. Please contact if you'd like to talk, or if you have any queries or comments on any aspect of the project.