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Digital, data and
technology (DDaT)

We are shaping and delivering innovation and transformation strategies.

We translate these into practical digital programmes that are helping clients to overhaul their legacy IT systems, strengthen their cyber security, improve capability. All this helps to ensure you can better leverage data and emerging technologies to design and deliver citizen-centric services.

Working with you


Understand your current performance

We help organisations understand where they are heading, the strategic direction and priorities, and use a range of discovery tools to aid understanding of your current performance.


Develop your capabilities

We can enable the successful transition to future service operations and solutions implementation. This may include: helping you structure and resource your programme in the best way, supplementing your team and/or transferring skills, methodology and tools.


Design and innovate

Using user-centred agile design principles, we co-design services that really work and that we can work with you to implement.


Deliver your future service and new ways

of working

By working alongside you, we can help you transition to new ways of working through the implementation of new operating models, processes, organisational structure, ICT solutions, and skills and capabilities.

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We supported Folkestone and Hythe following the break up of East Kent Housing, which saw operations brought in house to the Council, and changed the way the Single Housing System was hosted and managed by transferring services over to the system provider. This left the Council with its own version of the system. We provided assurance on the supplier financial and contractual proposals to give the council officers and councillors the confidence to select the right choice and way forward.

A change of Executive Director responsibility and the introduction of a new Director responsible for IT highlighted areas for improvement for Essex County Council in the Digital Transformation Programme. We took the programme through a root and branch review, assessing the overall governance model, performing full assurance on all live projects, took stock of all activities that had not started, as well as financial reviews of the business case and end-to-end programme deliverability.

Our work with digital, data and technology

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Guildford Borough Council suffered from a lack of investment in ICT for several years, resulting in technology that was not suitable for current business requirements and was approaching end of life. The position did not support the Council's priorities to transfer to a more modern way of working under the Future Guildford Programme. We set out an approach and gained agreement to invest and support an accelerated approach to the technology refresh.


We performed a customer satisfaction survey across the organisation and performed an ICT review across IT systems and services, performing a full cost analysis and a detailed breakdown of costs that enabled the Fund to compare alternative IT service options in the market. We also mapped the business functions and capabilities to the applications and infrastructure in use to provide a common, accurate understanding of the existing estate.

Key service areas

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"Socitm Advisory have delivered at pace with strong, credible and grounded advice to help us re-imagine our Technology Services function."

Jason Kitkat

Executive Director, Corporate Development

Essex County Council

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