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Diversity and

We aspire to be a business renowned and recognised for its proactive approach to diversity and inclusivity. We are taking additional steps to further accelerate diversity and inclusion across our organisation to enable us to live the values that our employees use to inform our decisions, influence our behaviours and drive our actions.

We know this will make us a more successful organisation both internally - where we can form strong supportive teams - and externally - where we can relate to, and be representative of, our customers.

After analysing the current diversity of our organisation, we are pleased to find that our male to female ratio is on part with the industry standard for the organisations who are less than 10 yeas old. We also noted we have 21% of our employees with an ethnic lineage, well above the national average of 11% of the UK working population.

Continuously accelerating diversity

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We now aim to accelerate diversity and talent, not only to maintain what we have, but set us on course for greater success and high performance.

To achieve this, we have set out our goals in our 'Diversity and Inclusion Vision 2025':


Resourcing, attraction and talent development

We will promote our inclusive workplace to attract diverse candidates with the right talent and experience. We will take positive action, when required, to ensure we receive applications and interview candidates that are under-represented within our business. With inclusivity in mind, we continue to use our talent management practices to grow and develop our staff, enhance our succession planning and improve our retention rates.


Gender-balanced workforce


We will be a market leader within our sector, ensuring that women are fairly represented at every level within Socitm Advisory.


Disability confident employer


We will be a prominent disability confident employer both for visible and invisible disabilities. We will foster a workplace with no mental health stigma, and one that supports employees with their mental health and wellbeing .


Equal pay


We will be fully confident that all employees receive equitable pay for roles with equivalent skills across all areas of Socitm Advisory.


Leadership roles


We will have increased the number of under-represented groups within our leadership cohort by 25%.

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Thought leadership

10 ways we're accelerating diversity and inclusion in our recruitment

In this article we discuss the role that diversity and inclusion plays in our recruitment and talent acquisition process. This article also discusses ways in which we, as a business, have already taken steps towards achieving our Vision 2025 in this area.

Read the full article here >

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Our latest gender pay gap report - March 2022

Our COO, Matt Gascoigne and HR Director, Andy Campbell-Critchley, have explored our most recent pay gap report to HM Government, as well as looking at the key deliverables in the Socitm Advisory 5-year Diversity & Inclusion strategy for 2022 relating to equal pay, our ambitions and progress in this area.​

Read the full article here >

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