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We have produced a white paper in partnership with HQN with on current perspectives on digital in the housing sector, with interviews from industry leaders including in Digital Leadership, empowering tenants, re-thinking the tenant experience, smarter homes and smarter workplaces.


There's no getting away from it - housing is a digitally enabled business; and digital and data skills are becoming more important than ever right across the sector. Tenants now expect 24/7 online services: to be able to book a repair, to pay rent and report ASB online - and why wouldn't they when they can access online services in all other areas of their lives?

Executive Teams and Boards too are increasingly focussed on data risks and assurance, in line with the data governance, security and quality risks set out in the sector risk profile, and no doubt with recent regulatory downgrades due to poor data quality in mind. Many organisations, cognisant of the risk landscape are now appointing digital expertise at Board level.

The pandemic has also meant that employees are working in a much more agile way and as the sector moves from response to recovery, many providers are recognising that fewer officers are required, with real consideration being given as to what it means to be 'digitally smart' in how services are delivered - both for tenants and employees.

As the leading provider of sustainable digital and transformation services to the UK public sector, Socitm Advisory is will placed to support you wherever you are on your journey.

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As an independent supplier to the public sector, we work with a wide range of organisations day to day and in those rare situations where we don't know the answer, we usually know someone who will.

While we don't have preferred partners, we do work closely with a number of organisations on a regular basis that share our values and our ethos for high quality delivery. This means that we can scale quickly when we need to, offering unparalleled resilience and that we can tap into the most relevant expertise to meet your needs.

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