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Digital and data
services for housing

We already work with more than 100 councils across the country and in 2021, after listening carefully to your needs, we took a decision to expand our impact into the social housing sector.


You told us you wanted affordable, pragmatic advice and solutions to support your digital ambitions.


So, we created Socitm Advisory's social housing capability, bringing in new expertise and team members with years of hands on experience who are equipped to add value quickly.

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You told us that customer focused services are critically important to you, but you don't always involve customers in designing services that meet their needs.


So, we invested in our service design team to bring in skilled design personnel with housing experience to support you and ensure knowledge can be transferred.

You told us that data is the foundation for you to manage assets and understand customer needs, but this is often fragmented, and it's hard to know where to start.


So, we worked with you to create a low cost Data Maturity Model for the sector to help you understand your starting point and support creation of your new data strategy and roadmap.

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Download our white paper

We have produced our white paper in partnership with the Housing Quality Network (HQN) with current perspectives on digital in the housing sector, with interviews from industry leaders including in Digital Leadership, empowering tenants, re-thinking the tenant experience, smarter homes and smarter workplaces.

Most importantly, you told us you wanted to work with a provider that understands your needs, whose values align to your own and who can be trusted to deliver - an organisation that 'gets it'.

With a five-year track record of delivering some of the most complex programmes in local government, just under 100 permanent employees and a network of associates and delivery partners, we are trusted to deliver independent digital and data services ranging from small scale projects to major transformation programmes. As a profit for purpose organisation, we are majority owned by our not-for-profit sister organisation, Socitm, and as such, the majority of the profit we make is reinvested into local communities for social good.

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A highly experienced team

Socitm Advisory's UK-wide team is made up of experienced housing, digital and data professionals, with experience of leading projects ranging from small scale service design, right through to full blown integration programmes.

With more than 30 years' of combined housing experience between us, our team is passionate about making a positive difference to people's lives and committed to delivering quality services. For us, housing is a logical extension of our desire to positively impact public services and reflecting our passion, several of our team are involved in housing at Board level outside of work.

Each assignment we deliver has a single line of accountability, with one of our senior team being responsible for overall delivery and quality of work.

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Tony Summers

Chief Executive Officer

Tony understands housing well and has worked as a Board members, Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer in social housing organisations, as well as advised on the development of the London Housing strategy. With a greater focus in recent years of directing digitally enabled transformation programmes in the wider public sector, his career also includes overseeing high profile projects such as public sector mergers, local and central government shared services, commercialisation, alternative delivery models, and the establishment of the organisation to deliver the Olympic Park legacy.

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Kate Lindley

Service Lead - Digital and Data

With more than 20 years' experience of leading digitally enabled change in local public services, Kate leads our Digital and Data practice. She has both public and private sector experience and has worked with several housing associations on delivery programmes over the years. Kate's passion for housing flows into her life outside of work - she is a non-executive director at a housing association in cheshire, and sits on the Board as a Digital Co-optee for an association in Lincolnshire.

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Georgia Thwaites

Service Lead - Change Delivery

Georgia has more than 8 years of experience in leading transformation programmes in the public sector, working with more than 12 different organisations. As the Service Lead for Change Delivery, her main responsibility is to oversee the delivery of change programmes for all Practices. Georgia started her career in social housing, working for Homes for Havering for 7 years, and has a real passion for the sector.

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Jenny Neville

Non-Executive Director

Jenny is an experienced housing professional, having worked with or in the social housing sector for over 15 years. As a former consultant to the social housing sector, where she worked with executive teams and Boards of strategic management and performance, Jenny provides Socitm Advisory with valuable insight and understanding. Jenny is passionate about developing and promoting best practice across the sector and is a regional Board member for Women in Social Housing.

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Natalie Richards

Client Services Director

With over 20 years' experience in delivery of transformation through digital and business functionality within the public and private sectors, including social housing. Natalie is an experienced programme manager delivering Fintech, ERP Solutions, BI Solutions, Change Management, Benefits Realisation, System Configuration, Compliance, Governance, and IT Infrastructure. 

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