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Digital and data
services for housing

Our team has experience of end-to-end delivery of digital and data solutions - from defining the case for change, to successfully delivering major transformation. Our services include:


Digital and data diagnostics


Very often we work with organisations that know how they need to better exploit their digital and data capabilities, or that have a risk profile that necessitates change in the digital and data space, but are not sure where to start.

Our low cost, sector specific, Digital and Data Maturity Assessments enable you to rapidly assess relative areas of strength and weaknesses and to develop a plan for change to best support your strategic outcomes. Tried and tested in multiple organisations, our diagnostic services have informed Digital and Data strategies UK wide, including at national level.


Strategy and planning

Our strategy and planning services are designed to help you craft your Digital, Data and Technology strategies to ensure that the enabling capabilities are in place that support your specific business outcomes.

Our unique position at the heart of the public sector and our partnerships with organisations with HQN provide us with rich insight into best practice and our experienced and pragmatic teams work with you to co-design strategies that are realistic, credible and deliverable.



The sector risk profile highlights data as a key strategic risk, and data governance, security and quality are key areas of focus for our clients. Over the past two years, the Regulator has downgraded several associations because of data quality failures, including inaccurate compliance reporting and rent setting errors.

So, how do you know that your data is accurate? How do you bring data together to maximise value to the organisation?

Our data services range from data diagnostic capabilities through to data governance advisory services and full blown data warehouse design and implementation.



Mergers create great opportunities to introduce standardised, customer-focused service delivery both on and offline, but are often fraught with complexities because of legacy systems, poor data quality, and staff resilience to change.

Across our team we have experience of leading service design in merged organisations, engaging with service leaders and customers to co-design processes - and implementing the digital solutions that enable this.

Over the years our team members have successfully led multiple integration projects with complex design, contractual integration, and data migration considerations.


Service design

Involving tenants in service design is one way in which housing organisations can meaningfully put the customer voice at the heart of service delivery - by co-designing services that not only meet their needs, but that deliver value and efficiency to the provider too.

The White Paper has made clear the expectation for greater tenant involvement - and rightly so.

Our service designers have previously worked to design contact centre processes, repairs processes, payments, and more, and use the latest thinking to engage your tenants and staff.


Business change

Our experienced Business Change experts have vast experience of working across all types of transformation programmes in public and private sectors, working with organisations to design operating models, change culture, and drive adoption of new ways of working aligned to new digital solutions.

Our team pride themselves on 'working with', and not 'doing to' organisations.​ Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to achieve the benefits of their transformation programme, leaving change capability behind ready for the next improvement opportunity. 


Digital recruitment

Now more than ever, housing providers are looking to ensure that they have the right skills, experience and capabilities to support their digital ambitions. 

As a specialist provider of digital, data and technology services to the public sector, Socitm Advisory is uniquely placed to help you as you seek to bring in new talent, or simply to augment your existing team at a particular point in time.

We have placed roles in a wide range of organisations over the years, ranging from CIO roles to BAs and are often the 'go to' partner when quality is needed at short notice. We can provide short term resources from our own talent pool, or we can source talent on your behalf, using the same screening, and high quality selection process that we apply to our own team.

As the composition of housing boards changes and seeks to bring in more digital skillsets to provide strategic insight and assurance at Board level, we can help you with your non-executive recruitment needs too.

Programme assurance

Programmes always carry risk and the aim of our assurance services are to ensure that your projects and programmes effectively manage risk, complexity and avoid increased delays and costs. Our experience programme delivery team is well equipped to provide you with assurance in the delivery of digital, data and technology programmes, however large or small.

Our independence Programme Assurance approach focused on:

  1. A review of the end-to-end programme lifecycle, focusing in on areas of highest risk and ensuring a logical sequencing and evidence based estimation of activities and effort.

  2. A review of the associated control framework, including how governance, risk and issue management, change management, and business and technical readiness are managed.

  3. A review of the skills, expertise and tools in use to manage your programme or project.

  4. The effectiveness of your programme management, including technical delivery and change management.


Our team combines a desktop review of your programme documentation with one-to-one interviews involving key delivery personnel and stakeholders to get to the heart of issues without causing disruption to in-flight work.


Our approach, methodology and tools are designed to be flexible to meet your needs and our team has experience of both agile and waterfall delivery.​

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Programme delivery

We provide comprehensive programme and project management delivery capabilities of all sizes to ensure your delivery runs smoothly.

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Download our white paper

We have produced our white paper in partnership with the Housing Quality Network (HQN) with current perspectives on digital in the housing sector, with interviews from industry leaders including in Digital Leadership, empowering tenants, re-thinking the tenant experience, smarter homes and smarter workplaces.