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Ways we can work with you:

  • Strategic direction setting and decision support: We will help you define your future service model and the technology you need to enable it.

  • Selecting the right solutions: We can help you procure the right solutions to meet your financial and business requirements.

  • Delivering the solutions: We can help you design and deliver your future service model using an agile, data driven and user-centered approach.

  • Delivering business benefits: We will help you manage and realise the intended benefits you need from your future service model.

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Getting the most out of video-calling applications

Covid-19 is placing increased pressures on vulnerable chlildren and adults, while also significantly impacting the way social workers are able to interact with them. In this guidance, we have laid out best practice measures for virtual communications during the Covid-19 lockdown measures, as well as a handy checklist for practitioners and social workers. Read the full guide here

How AI meets social care: Introduction

Produced in association with Socitm, this guidance addresses four key issues with respect to the adoption of AI technologies in social care. How AI meets social care will be a useful resource for all those considering how to best harness the opportunities presented by AI, to stimulate conversations, and to make the case for these technologies being a key enabler in improvement.

How AI meets social care: Trust

Produced in association with Socitm. At the heart of all good relationships lies trust. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of social care, a sector in which trusting relationships are critical to achieving the most beneficial outcomes for service users. The first in our series of four guides on 'How AI meets social care', this guide considers how to build trust in advocating and introducing AI.

How AI meets social care: Professional practice

Produced in association with Socitm. Human interaction, observation, relationships and decision-making are integral to the performance of social work. AI technologies provide a tool to augment and enable more personalised and effective care, rather than to replace those working within it; discussed in the second of our four AI guides.

Technology Enabled Care... but not the technology

In this report, we will be looking at the things that we’ve observed working with clients and partners since the time of publication. We are seeing common questions and observations emerging that are less about the technology and much more about how to integrate Technology Enabled Care more widely. Read our report here.


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 Our work in integrated care 

Durham County Council

Durham County Council (DCC) wanted independent advice to help support a significant volume of adults and childrens services transformation requirements. The large-scale changed were to be enabled in part by the selection and implementation of new case management systems (CMS’) to replace SIDD; the proprietary CMS that DCC had originally developed 25 years ago and since tailored to meet both legislative and working practice change. Read the full case study here

Hertfordshire & West Essex STP

Estates is a key enabler of the overall STP strategy. Where NHS and Local Government partners work together they need to ensure that the estate provides a safe, high-quality environment for patients and staff, supports new models and care, and is cost-effective. We used a proven, 3-step project methodology to deliver within a target timeline of 4 months. Read the full case study here

NHS England

Via similar engagements over a 6+ year period, we’ve developed a very good understanding of what NHS FTs are seeking to achieve and most crucially, the key common challenged and how best to approach them. After delivering successful PPU options appraisals and investment cases for six NHS Foundation Trusts, we have supported in a number of different ways. Read the full case study here

London Borough of Wandsworth

The London Borough of Wandsworth has been using Frameworki, a Case Management System (CMS) for childrens services, since the mid-to-late 2000s. They moved from Frameworki to Servelec Mosaic in July 2017. The day-to-day and systems management of the system sits with the corporate IT team.They asked Socitm Advisory to assess and review the performance between the different sites of their Mosaic social care solution due to performance issues such as system outages that created significant operational service issues. Furthermore, there were concerns that the current contractual framework did not meet the needs of the council in terms of issue resolution and service restoration. Read the full case study here

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