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We have produced a white paper in partnership with HQN with on current perspectives on digital in the housing sector, with interviews from industry leaders including in Digital Leadership, empowering tenants, re-thinking the tenant experience, smarter homes and smarter workplaces.

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Our white paper, produced in partnership with HQN, includes interviews from a number of industry leaders and experts on a variety of topics. If you're looking for something specific, you can also view individual interviews from these experts below.


Tony Summers (CEO, Socitm Advisory) "Housing is, fundamentally, a digital and data enabled business, with a reliance on systems, processes and technology to get things done. Yet the sector often lags behind others in terms of delivering slick, digitally enables services to tenants, making best use of data to drive decisions and exploiting technology to deliver services in the most efficient way." Read the full interview with Tony Summers here. Alistair McIntosh (CEO, HQN) "It's time for us to take back the leading role in this sphere. After all, you know where the computer was first invented, don't you? Let me job your memory. For years in the building where Southwark housing department was based, there was a blue plaque up to tell all and sundry that this was the very place where Charles Babbage set to work!" Read the full interview with Alistair McIntosh here.

Digital leadership

The rise of the technocrats Nick Atkin (CEO, Yorkshire Housing) "If we're serious about improving customer experience then we need more people who are willing to take us outside of our comfort zone and lead the transformation we need both in our mindsets and our services." Read the full interview with Nick Atkin here. You're only as good as your data Emma Richman (Director of Operations, Peaks and Plains) "How you hold and use valuable data can make or break you - a fact we learned the hard way at Peaks and Plains." Read the full interview with Emma Richman here. Wellbeing for your tech Hasani Jess (NED at Settle Group) "The pandemic and resultant lockdowns have highlighted the need for us to focus on our wellbeing more than ever...Clearly it is something worth the investment. I, like many, often struggle with this investment. Why?" Read the full interview with Hasani Jess here.

It starts with data

The Power of Data: Unlocking actionable insight Simon Kaffel (Data and Analytics Director, Soveriegn Housing) "Data. It's everywhere we turn... But how do we make best use of this information? And how do we take raw data and turn it into great stories that our organisation can use in meaningful ways?" Read the full interview with Simon Kaffel here. Good data starts with good governance Mark Humphries (UK Chairman, Data Management Association (DAMA)) "Like most businesses in today's digital world, housing providers want to be more data driven. Too often that is misinterpreted as 'we need to invest in AI', or some other shiny technology." Read the full interview with Mark Humphries here. Doing data right: How do you know? Kate Lindley (Service Lead Digital and Data, Socitm Advisory) "Data is the building block of responsive, reliable and cost-effective service delivery. At its most basic, you need to know how many homes you've got, the profile of your asset components you need to manage, the make-up and needs of your customers, they money you've got coming in - and the expenditure you've got going out... Sounds easy, doesn't it?" Read the full interview with Kate Lindley here. There is nothing new about data Jacqui Bateson (Managing Director, HACT) "Five years ago, HACT embarked on a project with Microsoft to test how housing associations could make best use of big data techniques. The project became unstuck fairly quickly, because of the inconsistency of the data held by organisations, leaving true analysis and insight impossible to achieve." Read the full interview with Jacqui Bateson here.

Re-thinking tenant experience

Residents, regulation and innovation should drive new technology for housing Kamran Mahmood (CEO, Gridizen) "When Gridizen first started to look at the housing sector's relationship with technology, we identified a number of barriers getting in the way of service improvement and innovation. One of the starkest findings from our research was the majority of core housing management software suites were over 10 years old." Read the full interview with Kamran Mahmood here. Re-framing the tenant experience together Matthew Wallbridge (Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) Director, Socitm Advisory) "In a sector where it's easy to talk about assets, the White Paper has, quite rightly, put people squarely at the heart of the housing agenda. For many housing providers this isn't new - improving lives has always been a core part of the mission, but the 'how' is often overlooked and as a result, opportunities to involve customers in the design of the services they consume are often missed." Read the full interview with Matthew Wallbridge here. Technology drives customer expectations and we need to keep up with the pace of change Halisha Kaur (Senior Regeneration Officer, GreenSquareAccord) "Lockdown highlighted our appetite for instant access to everything, from online movies to same day delivery of goods. As technology drives customer expectations, our culture is changing and 'on demand' access to goods and services in becoming commonplace." Read the full interview with Halisha Kaur here. Tenants must lead digital service design Steve Allcock (Executive Director of IT, Data and Digital, Johnnie Johnson) "We can be guilty of spending so much time debating what we can do with our digital platforms that it can be easy to neglect just what our tenants actually want from them. Tenants don't want great tech - they want a great service." Read the full interview with Steve Allcock here. Poplar HARCA and Community Fibre partnershio: supporting digital inclusion Sophia Koopman (Business Development Officer, Community Fibre) "The digital inclusion partnership between Poplar HARCA and Community Fibre started in June 2020 to address the digital needs of local residents during the global Covid-19 pandemic." Read the full interview with Sophia Koopman here.

Managing complexity, consolidation and change

Making mergers a success - a guide to embedding change Antony Draper (Client Services Director, Socitm Advisory) "Mergers are complex processes - with IT often proving one of the most complicated, costly and time-consuming areas to consider. Cultural change is enabled and embedded by introducing common ways of doing things - and this is only possible by merging processes, systems and data." Read the full interview with Antony Draper here. Two become one: digital transformation after a merger Suzanne Wicks (Executive Director of Business Transformation, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership) "Lincolnshire Housing Partnership was born in 2018 from a merger between Boston Mayflower and Shoreline Housing Partnership. We had 12,700 homes, but two of almost everything else." Read the full interview with Suzanne Wicks here. It is time to rethink our professional vocabulary Dr Gaby Wolferink (Lead Consultant on Partnership and Collaboration, DTL; Creative and Co-Founder of "What we say and who we say it to can make all the different in building relationships and establishing trust. It can also contribute to the ever-entrenching stigma plaguing social housing tenants." Read the full interview with Dr Gaby Wolferink here. Housing, health and social care - solving the data conundrum Russ Charlesworth (Director of Health and Social Care, Socitm Advisory) "Property and health inequalities - housing providers are at the forefront of tackling the biggest challenge we face. Addressing such deep-rooted issues needs a better system of information sharing between organisation and institutions in our communities. That much is clear." Read the full interview with Russ Charlesworth here.

Smarter homes

The digitalisation of heat will be led by heat networks Casey Cole (CEO, Guru Systems) "In the UK, heat is responsible for 37% of carbon emissions, more than emissions from transport. Low carbon heat networks are a fundamental part of the UK's decarbonisation strategy, with the Committee on Climate Change expecting the proportion of UK heating delivered over heat networks to rise from 2% to at least 20% by 2050." Read the full interview with Casey Cole here.

Smarter workplaces

Work is what you do, not where you go - the evolution of smart workplaces Jamie Ratcliff (Executive Director of People and Partnerships, Network Homes) "How we work has changed seismically in the last year or so. Once again the office must adapt to keep up with the demands of staff and business. The workplace has often been the place, where the digital world meets the physical world. So as we prepare for the post-Covid life what tech should be invest in to create smarter workplaces?" Read the full interview with Jamie Ratcliff here.