Meet our Graduate Team... Jodie Yates

In our latest Graduate Showcase Jodie Yates has shared with us her experience as a member of the first Socitm Advisory graduate Cohort. The Socitm Advisory Graduate programme enables graduates to participate in a number of rotations while working as a Junior Consultant within a client project team.

Having completed my first rotation on the graduate programme here at Socitm Advisory, this piece provides me with the opportunity to share my experiences, and encourage others to join a graduate programme that is tailored to the graduate, providing autonomy on the path they wish to take.

Tell us a little about your education...

I studied Politics at the University of Warwick and achieved a First Class degree! I’ve always found political and societal issues really interesting because they tell us how society works and how it is structured around certain norms and processes. My degree was so varied and there were so many different types of modules you could choose – I chose subjects that I had never come across before, like African Politics or Gender and Development, which really helped to broaden my understanding of our world.

How did you find out about the Socitm Advisory graduate programme and why did you apply?

I found out about the scheme through Despite not knowing where I want my career to go, I knew that I wanted to work in the public sector and where my work will have a positive social impact. After reading about Socitm Advisory and their passion for public sector transformation, I knew that this scheme would be perfect for me to kick off my career in an organisation that seeks to improve the efficiency of public sector services. Their vision really appealed to me, because as the world and the population becomes increasingly digital literate, meeting the needs of this population and fulfilling the sector’s services will become increasingly difficult if organisations are not up to date. Improving the accessibility of the public sector to citizens really interests me.

How did you find the application process for the programme?

I found the process really supportive, and therefore actually quite pleasant! I was always kept in the loop and knew exactly what was going on, and this made me feel comfortable in a process that is renowned for its discomfort.

How have you found your time at Socitm Advisory since joining us?

I have found it very interesting, eye-opening and challenging. This is my first full-time job, so I am constantly gaining new skills and learning so much every day. Everyone I have met so far has been really lovely and welcoming, too – so I already feel like a member of the Socitm family.

What you have already been doing as part of the programme?

My first rotation was at Birmingham City Council on the Modern Workplace project, which aims to deliver an agile, engaging and modern ability to carry out the Council’s work. The project involves the roll out of Windows 10 and access to Office 365 applications – it’s a really interesting project and is unlike anything I have ever done before, which is very challenging but also refreshing. It is very customer-facing, so it is important to remember that you are the face of the organisation and to ensure that you are deploying Socitm’s values. I have also been involved in Socitm’s Corporate Social Responsibility projects and have done a lot of work on our Plastic-Free February Campaign due to start running next week. I am now about to start my second rotation at Royal Borough of Greenwich Council, and I am sure that will be a whole new challenge!

As you continue in your rotations what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to exploring the other business areas of Socitm Advisory and experiencing some of the other projects on my later rotations. I am also looking forward to gaining more knowledge and gradually getting more responsibility as these rotations progress.

My advice for others considering the graduate programme is to go for it! There are so many opportunities for growth in this programme, and Socitm really enable you to explore your interests and challenge yourself. The best piece of advice I could give someone is be yourself, ask questions, get stuck into any opportunity that comes your way.

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