Meet our Graduate Team... Rob May

Welcome to the latest post in our 'Graduate Showcase' where you can get to know our first official graduate cohort. Rob May is the next graduate to discuss his journey on the Socitm Graduate programme.

Having completed my first rotation on the graduate programme here at Socitm Advisory, this piece provides me with the opportunity to share my experiences, and encourage others to join a graduate programme that is tailored to the graduate, providing autonomy on the path they wish to take.

Tell us a little about your education...

I have achieved a BA, MA and Ph.D. in History, and have also won awards for my work. Anyone would think I’m a history buff!

How did you find out about the Socitm Advisory graduate programme and why did you apply?

I discovered the scheme on I had considered working in consultancy before but was put off by the companies I researched and the schemes they offered. Socitm Advisory, on the other hand, is a friendly and supportive organisation that is determined to better society, as well as do the very best for its clients.

How did you find the application process for the programme?

Refreshing is the best word I can use to describe it. The interviews were relaxed; they were conversations, not quickfire question and answer dialogues, which I don’t believe get the best out of anyone.

How have you found your time at Socitm Advisory since joining us?

Eventful – lots of varied work to get my teeth into. I’m dedicated to learning and have learnt so much since joining Socitm Advisory. Getting to grips with the technology has been my biggest challenge. I look at this, as I do everything, as an opportunity to learn rather than a dislike.

What you have already been doing as part of the programme?

My first project has been with the commercial and procurement team working at Wiltshire Council assisting the council with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Initially, I was tasked with learning about commercial law and ERP. Since then, I’ve been on the front line contacting potential suppliers and working on spreadsheets.

As you continue in your rotations what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to learning more about the business and consultancy in general. I also look forward to the training days/workshops, as they are always informative and provide a good opportunity to catch up with colleagues.

Socitm Advisory offers an excellent, well-supported graduate programme that is tailored to the graduate, therefore, giving she or he as much autonomy on the path they wish to take. I was drawn to this and applied. I’m so glad I did. My advice to anyone who is thinking about applying to the programme is to go for it – it may be the best career decision you make.

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