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Why we're supporting Digital Health Summer School 2019

We supported the event last year and we're going right back and supporting it again. Here's why we believe it's important.

At Socitm Advisory, Health & Social Care is one of our 5 core themes and as such we put considerable effort into the research we produce. Just over the last year we’ve:

  • Produced 5 pieces of published industry guidance

  • Supported the NHS' national LHCR programme

  • Worked with 2 LHCR regions - Y&H (End of life user cases) and London (Digital Care homes)

  • Been advisors to the Health + Industry Show including taking a lead for Social Care

  • Provided support to UCLH; the largest NHS Teaching Hospital

  • Had one of our directors become a Trustee of Kings Live; the UK's fastest growing medical education charity

Sponsoring the CIO Award last year helped put us on the map in front of important influencers and decision makers. This year we want to showcase our dedication to the sector (we know that many health consultancies are fly-by-night) and continue to broaden our reach.

At Socitm we’ve been running the highly successful leadership academy for many years now with one of its central aims being to develop women in IT. As such we were delighted when the judges sought to present last year's CIO Award to Phillipa Winter and only reinforced our beliefs in the leadership development work we undertake.

At its core, the digital health summer school is an excellent way to refresh your knowledge and acquire a sense of what's going on, and what's important going forward. It’s not a sales conference, it’s an invitation only event with around 200 attendees & presentations from trusted vendors.

Simplify, standardise, share is one of our key mantras and this event is very much in tune with the way we develop our research.

We hope to see you there!

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