Commercial and procurement support 


 Services and experience 

Our commercial and procurement support services include:

  • Design and implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve contract a supplier performance

  • Design and implementation of supplier relationship tool kit to improve service delivery by tracking supplier performance, assessment and actions plan

  • Expert negotiators that are experiences in EU-regulated negotiation and renegotiation of existing contracts

  • Hands on EU-regulated procurement process from specification to award contract and debrief

  • Procurement and spend analysis to identify future needs that result in benefits, including financial savings

  • Sourcing and procurement option and risk appraisals

 Helping you 

 design your 

 services to improve 


Whether it be spending analysis, contract renegotiation, performance review or the end-to-end process of new procurements (including market analysis, options appraisal and technical specification) we've provided our clients with the skills and experience needed to realise their commercial aims.

Thanks to our renegotiation skills, our clients have been able to reshape their existing contractual arrangements, leading to better performance and financial benefits. We've worked with out clients' suppliers to improve key performance indicators (KPIs) - leading to true performance being measured far more effectively, and to the identification of areas that result in a greater user experience.

Through project management, we've supported our client in all types of regulated procurement procedures. This has included the full end-to-end process, starting from market analysis - used to write technical specification - and supporting evaluation methodology, ensuring that procurement results with the best possible outcome and meets our clients' aims and objectives.

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 Andrew Rogers, Insight and Innovation Director