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Our resourcing services and experience


Attracting, developing and deploying the right talent will make all the difference to a project's success. Having the right mix of programme talent is an essential component to the successful, timely and cost-effective delivery of project goals.

Our experienced resourcing team play a critical role throughout the lifecycle of your project. We work with you to attract, develop and deploy the right people at the right time to ensure deliverables are achieved, on time and on budget. Engaged right from the proposal process, we will be on hand to ensure that project promises have the talent and manpower to be delivered. As the lifecycle progresses and programme requirements evolve, we work closely with our customers, relevant third parties, and our programme leaders to develop the team as required.

It takes time and focused effort to develop and manage our talent pools. Whilst referrals account for almost 70% of new candidate introductions, we also deploy a comprehensive attraction strategy utilising digital channels such as LinkedIn, further complemented by regular and targeted advertising campaigns, membership engagement, attendance at networking events, and - of course - we benefit hugely from being part of the Socitm brand.

However, attracting candidates is only half the job. Our commitment to

the very best standards of customer care separates our solutions

from other. We believe that every interaction is a chance to

develop a relationship and that each customer - be they a

client or a candidate - should be treated with the same

respect we would expect to experience ourselves.

Our programmes are delivered with a blend of permanent consultants and skilled associates, with key substantive posts identified and delivered by permanent members of our bench. Our team of consultants continues to grow as the right talent is identified and engaged. Our resourcing team continually assess this team for capability and capacity, ensuring that the right skills are managed and deployed into the right programmes to the benefit of the customer.

Flexible resources are an essential part of programme delivery, ensuring that niche skills are available, and resource intensive periods of project activity (such as the test cycle) can be covered without compromising success. Our resourcing team maintained and develop a network of over 100 trusted associates, each with complimentary skills and proven track records in successful delivery.

As our clients will testify, there are moments outside of programme delivery when a key interim resource requirement may be identified. In order to support our clients in solving such challenges, we have built a database of over 700 specialist interims who can be deployed as required. Our resourcing team proactively manage this portfolio to ensure immediate engagement if necessary. The vast majority of interim assignments are deployed under a statement of work with output-based deliverables allowing true interims to operate outside of IR35 constraints.

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