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We have recently expanded our services to local and central government into Scotland, already working with South Ayrshire and Midlothian Councils. We aim to provide our services to other local authorities and central government throughout Scotland demonstrating our expertise in our three key Practice Areas: ERP, DDaT and Integrated Care.

Socitm Advisory brand
Socitm Advisory brand
 Our work at... South Ayrshire Council 

Our partnership with South Ayrshire started in 2020 where we carried out a piece of ERP requirements gathering work. Since then, we have developed the relationship delivering various projects across all our practice areas. More recently, we were successful in securing the Delivery and Change partner for their move to Oracle Fusion. We are also involved in projects including an Options Appraisal for hosting and dictator recovery, Social Care Systems archive, and their People for Change Programme.

Socitm Scotland membership-01.png

Socitm Corporate Member

Socitm Individual Member

Socitm Member / Socitm Advisory Customer


 Socitm in Scotland 

26 Scottish local authorities as well as Scottish Government are members of Socitm, gaining a wealth of resources and events from our sister company. Our of these members we are currently working with two local authorities, supporting them across a number of projects.

Socitm Scotland host a number of regional events - both virtual and face-to-face - throughout the year. All events are advertised on Socitm Eventbrite and you can reserve your place by registering via Eventbrite. The events are focussed on key themes and issues which members would like to learn about or address. Members share ideas, lessons learnt and successes and also collaborate, looking to co-develop themes and projects.

Socitm Advisory brand
Socitm Advisory brand
 Our work at... Midlothian Council 

Since the last quarter of 2020 we have been delivering services for Midlothian Council and continue to grow the relationship. We have already completed (or are in the process of completing) projects in Digital Support Services, ICT and Digital TOM Design, Education Project Management Support, and Architecture Principles and Governance.

 Buying our Services in Scotland 

We are approved suppliers of both Lot 1 (Digital Technology Services) and Lot 2 (Digital Technology Resources) of the Scottish Government's Dynamic Purchasing System.

 Lot 1 - Digital Technology Services 
  • Integration

  • Integration Services

  • Managed ICT Services

  • ICT Support 

  • Digital Transformation Projects

  • Digital and Online Services

  • User Research and User Experience

  • Content and Service Design

 Lot 2 - Digital Technology Resources 
  • Digital Specialists

  • Project and Programme Managers

  • Agile Coach

  • User Researcher

  • Digital Service Design

  • Business Analyst

  • Web Operations Engineer

  • Solutions Architect

  • Data Architect

  • Data Modeller

 How we're dedicated to Fair Work First 

We have made great strides in the five key areas of Fair Work First. To see all the ways we have achieved these, click on the document below to zoom in.

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