Helping you design your
services to
  improve delivery 

We help you to design your services around the needs of customers, including residents that use council services and internal customers of corporate services. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants can support you in a range of areas to design and improve the delivery of services for your organisation or service division.


 Services and experience 

Our service design services include:

  • Mapping your existing services end-to-end from a customer perspective; plotting customer journeys and identifying the barriers to service improvement 

  • Designing ICT and digital services to enable service improvement, including developing future operating models to underpin organisation-wide transformation 

  • Designing future operating models for the transition of ICT and digital services from existing outsourced partnerships into future internal and multi-sourced service arrangements

  • Improving the effectiveness of your ICT services through assessment of current issues and the design of services to enhance business engagement and underpin digital transformation 

  • Assessing the capability of ICT teams and designing delivery structures, including alignment to industry standard skills frameworks, such as Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) 


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Our Innovation Director Andrew Rogers, will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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