Service innovation 

Defining, designing and implementing  digitally-enabled 

user-centric services



5: Implement and develop

1: Assess and discover

4: Mobilise and enable

2: Define and align

3: Design

We can work with you to:

  • Understand the current performance of your service or organisation: We will help you understand your direction of travel, the strategic direction and priorities.  Using a range of discovery tools, we will develop your understanding of your current performance.

  • Design and innovate:  We utilise user-centred, Agile design principles and co-design services that really work, and that we can implement together.

  • Develop your capabilities:  We enable the successful transition to future service operation and solutions implementation.  We can help you structure and resource your programme correctly by supplementing your team and/or transferring skills methodology and tools.  

  • Deliver your future service and new ways of working:  We work alongside you to help the transition to new ways of working.  By enabling the implementation of new operating models, processes, organisational structures, ICT solutions and skills and capabilities.


 Socitm Digital Maturity Assessment 

 Service innovation 

 key service areas 


and project delivery




Strategy and planning


Transformation and change



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