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Our services

Socitm Advisory is a leading source of trusted expert advice for the public sector.

With over 100 customers, we have an established track record of success in delivering lasting innovative transformation through the implementation of high-quality programmes.

Our practice areas



We help organisations to support current operations and deliver transformation through the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning, through a three-phase programme including Discovery, Procurement and Implementation.

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We are shaping and delivering innovation and transformation strategies by translating these into practical digital programmes that are helping our clients to overhaul the legacy IT systems, strengthen cyber security, and improve capability.

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Integrated Care

We support current operations and deliver future change through the adoption of digitally enabled Integrated Care, including assistive technology, integrated care hubs, care technologies, and data and insights.

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Working across a number of sectors

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Our strengths lie in...


Outstanding professional people

From their market-leading expertise, to the empathetic relationships they build with customers. From their creativity to their integrity, our team are driven to be the very best.

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Our independence

We build the right solution for our customers regardless of what products are commercially dominant or just flavour of the day, and use proven methods and tools designed by us for our markets using cutting-edge data and research.


Our relationship with Socitm

Socitm brings people together to share experiences and best practice across the public sector, while learning from each other to the benefit of the sector as a whole. 


We are a trusted partner

With an unparalleled network of public sector connections, first-hand industry experience and an extensive portfolio of successfully implemented programmes, we know it works!


We are agile

With the experience to tailor to our customer's specifications, we are truly agile in our approach. Our progressive approach means we are constantly looking to evolve our service.


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