Smart sourcing 

Changing  ICT delivery models  to drive better value and services for citizens to make a difference to people's lives



Continuous improvement

Target operating model

Programme implementation

Business case

New solution commercial/ procurement

We offer:

  • Step change in business value: We can help you recognise the importance of digital, data and technology in the future as a key enabler to design effective digital solutions that deliver great services to citizens and staff, making a real difference to people’s lives.

  • Changing delivery models: We will enable you to move away from outdated delivery models to a mix of specialist vendors managed by an in-house team.  We can assist you in changing the internal ICT organisation, to increase the level of control and accountability for the new supply arrangements

  • Better commercial decisions: We work by building in-house capability and capacity to support you in effectively engaging with supply markets to achieve improved commercial outcomes.  We achieve this by developing and delivering methodologies; knowledge transfer and skills development.

  • Commercial and procurement support: We assist clients through the procurement lifecycle of their individual requirements from conception through to end-of-life.  We deliver procurement strategies, pre-market engagement exercises, defining their requirements, ITT process and documentation.

 Smart sourcing 

 key service areas 


and project delivery




Strategy and planning


Transformation and change




Commercial and procurement support

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Our Smart sourcing lead, Alison Templeton, will be happy to help answer any of your questions about Smart sourcing!

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 Alison Templeton, Smart sourcing lead 

The Socitm Advisory Commercial team supported us by proving a procurement options appraisal for the major refresh of our IT applications appraisal for the major refresh of our IT applications for our new ICT cloud strategy. The closing working relationship that we were able to develop with the team helped us considerably 

shorted the procurement element of this major project and reach a successful conclusion

Steve Makin

ICT Contracts Officer​, Council Folkestone and Hythe District Council.


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