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 Finance for the future: how can 
you make the most of your 
Finance function? 

"The local government Finance function is at the heart of ongoing challenges to deliver evolving public services with constrained budgets"

 10 ways we are accelerating 
diversity and inclusion in our 
recruitment process 

Produced in association with Socitm Ltd. The final guide in our series of four on 'how AI meets social care', this guide considers how to address technical issues in social care when embarking upon an AI journey.

 The importance of gender 
pay gap reporting 

"We are a rapidly growing business of 86 staff and are not obliged to formally report our gender pay gap status. In a “brave” move we have decided to voluntarily report our position from April."

 The importance of wellbeing 
in the workplace 

"Wellbeing in the workplace has been on the rise for many years now, but the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the pace of this movement. Notwithstanding the incredible challenges of the past year, there have been positive developments in terms of organisations looking at how they can support their people’s health and wellbeing through the pandemic and beyond."