Transformation and change 


 Services and experience 

Our experience includes:

  • Delivering large-scale organisation-wide transformation programmes, aligning the deployment of digital technologies with front-line and back office service improvement

  • Supporting production of a shared and agreed digital strategy, we work with senior stakeholders to develop a vision that the whole organisation can buy into, whilst also providing you with a clear framework for action

  • Translating your strategy into a detailed design of your future state. Such work involves design at a number of levels: organisational design; technical architecture design; process design through customer journey mapping; and design of the skills and capabilities required in the future organisation 

 Supporting clients

 through all aspects

 of their digital



We support our clients through all aspects of their digital transformation: strategy creation, service redesign and technology enablement.

Our work around programme definition, financial modelling of achievable savings and benefits, and in delivery of business cases has given our clients' transformational programmes a firm foundation,

In other cases, we have taken our clients further, fulfilling key delivery roles by taking the management role and leading a programme or by providing both redesign expertise and technical implementation roles. Our team works alongside both the internal staff and external software vendors.

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 Richard Williams, Director of Programme Delivery